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Pre-Loaded Forms

Pre-Loaded Forms

All the necessary forms needed at the treatment center are automatically generated from the data collected. There are forms for intake, admission, treatment plan, insurance, financial forms and discharge planning. All these forms are currently used in treatment centers and are necessary for the process.

Any state form can be generated just by clicks.

ASAM Criteria Fully Supported

ASAM Criteria Supported

Banjo supports 6 Dimensional ASAM criteria.

Create or Modify Any Screen

Easy Customization

There are several screens for various stages of the treatment center. Any of the screens can be modified with additional or restricted number of fields. New screens with additional fields can be added to the flow. The changes do not require a technology person and instead, it can be done by anyone authorized to perform the task.

100's of Reports

Drag and Drop Reports

Creating reports are extremely easy and do not require any technical skills. Its simple as drag and drop and can be created for pre-built fields to customized screen and fields. The reports also support the creation of charts and can also be personalized. None of this requires technical skill instead its drag and drop and clicking a few buttons.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Any changes to data can be tracked. Also, any changes to the system are also tracked. Login restrictions to the facility only and login hour restriction are supported. These are helpful for audit and to maintain all regulatory requirements. Currently, no other system in the behavioural health space can provide this level of security and audit. The system also supports two-factor authentication and so if a misplaced password can still prevent unauthorized access.

Integration Ready

Built in Integration

Banjo is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM. The world’s best CRM, if you truly want to run a business. The integration is completely FREE at no cost involved.

Aside from CRM it also integrates with several other products including various marketing and accounting tools.

Sync with Outlook Calendar

Tasks & Calender

Banjo syncs with Outlook and Google Calendar.

FREE !!! Client Satisfaction Survey

Client Satisfaction Survey

How about getting feedbacks? This important to understand the quality of the program and also understand the areas of improvement needed. The survey is sent to the patients and their response is captured in the system. When the survey is done the appropriate person is alerted by the system.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

The app is mobile ready hence you can approve or lookup a record securely when you are away. Facilities do not need a desktops at every patient interaction location. Instead you can track and record all operations from any mobile device be it a phone or a tablet.

A Platform for Behavioral Health

We have built an industry-recognized solutions that truly support the changing environment. Let the journey begin.